(Cosmic American Music Single Series​~​2) Ain't for me b​/​w Poppin' Spit

by Los Tentakills

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    The second in Los Tentakill's "Cosmic American Music Single Series" All will be available for free & everyone will dance.

    Free download of 2 track single presented by Howling Moon Records. A Garage tinged Psychedelic fuzzed up Country Homage to The Stanley Brothers, Hank Williams Senior & Sandford Clark




released April 16, 2011





Freak Out With The Psychodelic Sounds Of Howling Moon Records and our roster of wild-men and femme fatales. A Down And Dirty Lo-Fi Patchwork Intensification Of Psychedelia, Garage And Surf Reverberations. Uncommon devious music with the emphasis on playing from the heart in a concerted effort to formulate an affinity with you and perchance set the windmills of your mind turnabout in the process. ... more

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Track Name: Poppin' Spit
well I woke early morn with the sun down in my eye
I thought to myself well I must be paralysed
I did not have no feeling from my finger to my toes
you know just how I'm feelin' workin' for the man, ya know
well i guess theres no relief for this strife and all the grief
and all the while you dragged through the mud and branded but a thief

well shes just a freak on pills I declare to you my friend
she wearing stolen high heels that are way way out of trend
she stumbles are she warbles crawlin' down the cobbled lane
a suited man spits in the dirt as he proclaims the gal insane
I tell you mr.man shes a victim of circumstance
and you oughta keep your thoughts to yourself upon a first glance

well your talkin' loud and fast but yer only poppin' spit
your automatic walkin' or your on a nervous fit
if it ain't in your back garden well you think its all just swell
even though theres plenty people turning to those little yellow pills
an overdose? he was a joke good riddance I heard you bark
well it seems to me all you people have lost a vital spark

well mothers little helper left its mark you know
& little maggie is still clutching to a dram where ever she goes
the preacher croons his filth aloud but the spew don't reach the crowd
I'm walking through the icy streets though the scowling throng
for the man upon the right well he declared it be to be fair
He did not mean to kill your girl he only meant to scare